'A red team is an independent group that challenges an organisation to improve its effectiveness.'




Our unique experience and understanding of terrorist motives, tactics, and techniques enables us to provide pragmatic and focused training and consulting services. We do not provide generalised security consultancy as our focus is on the deeper, more technically oriented understanding of the terrorism environment. Don't settle for second rate consulting services when dealing with an extremely lethal threat.


The benefits of contracting our technical training support includes a reduction in the internal training burden (specifically in time spent preparing and running courses, and time spent building devices); a transparent and independent view point which provides objective analysis; a reduction in subjective peer assessment; freeing up staff so they can focus on their primary roles; ensuring consistency in objective training assessment on courses; and ensuring variety in device types during continuity or ongoing skills maintenance.


Red Team is a specialised company whose principle staff members background includes over 22 years of explosive ordnance disposal experience. We have served in a wide variety of roles from counterinsurgency operations (warlike environments), to legacy unexploded ordnance disposal, and all manner of domestic counter terrorism roles. We feel that our knowledge and experience will provide fantastic support to your existing and future organisational needs as well as training/readiness activities.  Red Team is 100% Australian and Veteran owned.



Due to the highly realistic and fully functional nature of our training devices we DO NOT sell training aids to members of the public. Interested parties must be part of, or work directly with, a State or Federal Government organisation (e.g. Police, Security Services, or Military).


Additionally, all our products contain methods of tracking the component parts, which includes the recording and logging of sales with Australian Federal Police. Should our products be used for any situation other than the intended training we will be able to provide authorities with the specific details of that device, including sale history and details.